Federal Skilled Worker Class

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is one of the three programs contained within Canada’s Express Entry system for processing permanent residency applications. All programs within Express Entry are highly competitive, utilizing Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to rank candidates.

Work Experience

At least 12-months of continuous, full-time, skilled work experienc

Language Proficiency

A Minimum of CLB level 7 on an approved English or French language test.


A minimum of a Canadian high school diploma or the same in foreign education.

Financial Support

Enough funds to support themselves and any spouse and/or children in settlement in Canada.

Residence in Canada

Must intend to live outside of the province of Quebec.


For Federal Skilled Worker Program candidates there are two distinct advantages, and one possible disadvantage, under Express Entry.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class candidates do not require any connection to Canada in order to be eligible for the program.
  • Minimum requirements for work experience, language proficiency, and education can all be completed outside of Canada, so the program is an excellent option for those living outside of Canada.
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program candidates receive the highest percentage of invitations to apply, with FSWC candidates receiving more than half of all invitations issued in 2018.

Potential disadvantage: Even if you are eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, there is no guarantee that you will receive an invitation to apply. If your CRS score is below the cut-off required to receive an invitation, consult our guide on how to increase your CRS score.

Need More Information About Federal Skilled Worker Class Application?

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